About Us


I am Daniel Nutkins I am a silk screener i have been since 2010, i really enjoy silk screening but i didn’t always know about it. I got started with silk screening from work experience back in high school, i ended up doing 375 hours without pay, but i didn’t mind at the time cause i was having fun with it.

Afterwards my boss liked what i was doing and asked me to join his team after high school. Which of course i did and now i’m an owner of my own silk screen shop now called 403 Print, You can also visit my my page at 403print.ca just made one of those as well.

That is how i started with silk screening it is a fun and creative job if you enjoy working with art and color’s.

We do have a minimal order of 12 shirts depending on which machine you would like to use for your print. Hand Press is an exception you don’t need as many shirts, but on the Elexon its a 12 shirt minimal.

What We Use at 403 Print For Our High Quality Prints

Squeegees And Flood Bars

Squeege and floodbars

Squeegees and Flood Bars

 We sharpen out squeegee and flood bars every week so they work at there best for every print. We make sure to clean it completely after we use them as well so we don’t mix any colours when we print.


Paint Buckets

Paint Buckets

We use any different types of inks we also make our own if we don’t have the colour that you would like for your job. So we have many colours to choose from and if not we would be glad to make the one you would like, we also have special inks such as discharge, puff, and stretch adhesive.



Elexon Printing Press

We have many different machines that we use for prints or heat press, the hand press is more for little jobs with 1-4 colours, we also use it for training and the days we have print your own shirt day for people to come and try silk screening. The Elexon is a great machine for bigger jobs from 1-8 colours, its a automatic machine that rotates and flashes (drys the ink) shirts as they go around.


Hand Press With Screen


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